The mandate of Rumah Artis is to nurture musicians' creativity and to provide appropriate services for deserving artists at all career levels.

Welcome to the Rumah Artis Management, launched in August 2008 by the PT. Rumah Artis Kita as a central point of information and resources for both artist managers and self-managed artists.

With the unpredictability of current music business models, along with the staggering array of music-related opportunities available to those "in the know", the success edge will go to the most knowledgeable individuals operating with the right mixture of financing, talent, foresight, planning, timing, and game plan execution. The purpose of Rumah Artis Management is to illuminate the path upon which today’s successful artists, artists managers and self-managed artists should travel.

Rumah Artis Management seeks artists who show both the artistic potential and entrepreneurial interest to work with us in this growingly difficult pursuit.


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10 aug. 2009 06:55
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7 aug. 2009 03:43